Getting Involved

Becoming a Member of Chicago Society

Chicago Society’s members participate in weekly meetings to brainstorm about event ideas as well as share ideas pertaining to events in the planning stages. Members participate in and organize informal lunches with leading academics and professors, giving them the chance to form personal relationships with those experts.

In addition, members can perform any number of roles within Chicago Society, depending on what they find interesting and the amount of time they are able to commit. On the Executive Board, the President and Executive Director are elected by the membership, and the Finance Director, Marketing Director, and Historian are appointed by the President and Executive Director. Pertaining to planning events, members of Chicago Society have access to the financial and human resources necessary to plan a successful and memorable event on a topic of their choice.

The following are several examples of some of the roles Chicago Society members can play in the organization:

  • Bring ideas to the table about a topic they would like to see addressed on the campus of the University of Chicago;
  • Invite speakers related to their fields of interest to broaden their knowledge and build contacts;
  • Create budgets, arrange funding for events, and apply for organizational grants under the guidance of the Finance Director;
  • Design marketing materials and draw up advertising plans for events, working closely with the Marketing Director; and
  • Design and maintain websites for Chicago Society and its events.

Proposing an Event

If you are interested in a particular topic and have an idea for an event on that topic, Chicago Society has the resources and experience to guide you in organizing such an event. Please email us, and we’ll be happy to discuss the idea with you. Organizing an event is a rewarding experience, and we can help you every step of the way. If you are not interested in organizing the event yourself, email us anyway and we’ll see if one of the members of CS would like to take it on.

If you would like to contact us, please send us an email at or contact any member of the board