About Chicago Society

Chicago Society was founded in 2001 to bring students together and create events on campus that foster student, faculty, and community engagement with pertinent issues. Since our founding, we have held a wide variety of events, from a conference that attracted over a thousand attendees to small-scale lunches with professors. Our events have appeared in newspapers in places as far apart as Serbia, Turkey, Australia, and China, where we have furthered the reputation of our university as the heart of great debate and discussion on the world’s most pressing issues.

Chicago Society is a great organization for students who are interested in:

    Joining an active and enthusiastic group of students with a great variety of interests
    Working behind the scenes with experts from around the world who are featured at Chicago Society events
    Strengthening relationships with professors within the University through CS member lunches as well as larger events
    Creating events about their own interests with university funding
    Designing marketing proposals and materials (each event is a new marketing challenge)
    Helping to organize events through finance efforts such as writing grant proposals and coordinating logistics efforts, both of which are crucial to all of our events

Members of Chicago Society frequently organize CS lunches and dinners with their favorite professors, giving all members the chance to meet interesting and friendly professors from all disciplines—while eating free food from area restaurants.